Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, the first reading talks about the unleavened bread of the Passover Supper. This tradition today is why the Communion wafers need to be unleavened bread. When the Israelites were led by Moses into the desert, the Egyptian Army wanted to kill them. In front of the Red Sea I raised up a shechinah of flame that protected My people from the Egyptian Army. This vision of a flame in a smaller form is the physical sign that your guardian angels will use to guide you to your safe haven or refuge. I told you that your angel would make you invisible on your way to My refuge. So this flame represents the protection from the evil ones who will be trying to kill you, but they will not see you. Just as you had images of My Eucharist in the bread and manna that the Israelites ate, so you have My Real Presence, Body and Blood, in every consecrated Host of Communion that you receive. As I protected the Israelites from their enemies miraculously, so I will again protect My faithful remnant from the evil one world people by miracles as well. Trust in My daily protection, for you have nothing to fear from anyone.”