Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, I have given every soul a free will to choose to love Me or not. I do not force My love on anyone. When you make your choice, there are consequences for everyone. My Commandments are all about loving Me and loving your neighbors. I am all love and I am merciful, but I am also just. Most people have heard about heaven, hell, and purgatory, but some do not believe that they exist. Trust in Me, they are very real because some people have seen them that are still alive to witness this truth, as in near death experiences. I want My people to live their lives in following My plan for their lives. There are people who do evil things, and even some worship the world and Satan. When you come to Me in judgment, you will see a review of your life’s actions as in the Warning experience. But at death I will give every soul one last chance. I will show people heaven for those who love Me. I will show those, who refuse to love Me, the hell fire, mentioned in the Gospel. Also, there is purgatory for purifying souls. At that moment, the soul chooses its own destination. I do not send people to hell because they choose it by their own free will. I do everything in My Divine Mercy to save all souls from hell. I even accept prayers for people that would otherwise be lost in hell. Pray for all the souls who have yet to be judged, because there is no coming back from hell. Pray also for all the souls in purgatory.”

Jesus said: “My people, families today are being attacked and torn apart with many problems as jobs, providing a home, and providing for any children. Even keeping a car to go to work, can be another problem to finance and keep running. Family prayer is important to hold the family together, and to train the children to rely on a good prayer life to deal with life’s problems. When I am at the center of your lives, I will take care of all of your necessities. During your working years, you were bringing up your family with Sunday Mass, and even your daily Mass, along with your rosaries. Your good example to your children has given them a true faith that they are close to Me as well. Parents need to keep praying for their children, even after the young adults leave their parents’ home. Parents need to offer their help to their children,both financially and helping them in their faith. By keeping your focus on Me, and helping your children to keep focusing on Me, you can all be on the right road to heaven. It is your spiritual destination that is most important for everyone, and heaven should be your goal.”