Saturday, July 11, 2009: (St. Benedict)

Jesus said: “My people, all of your families have roots in the family of mankind. You read in Genesis today of the links of Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph, as even Joseph wanted to be buried with his relatives instead of being buried in Egypt. When you visit your local cemetery, you have many relatives buried there, and that is why you have plots next to them for your own burial place. On your walls at home you look in the mirror and see your likeness to all of your family members in their pictures. You truly are all part of one human family, which is why you should not think of killing any of these family members in wars or abortions. When you see how small the earth is in the universe, and how close you live to one another, it is even more important to love your neighbor because they could be part of your ancestral family tree. You all have the same needs for survival, so live together in harmony to help each other in charity, rather than fighting or being selfish with what you were given.”
Jesus said: “My people, the Christian faith is slowly dying in America. Church attendance is down and the younger generation is not coming to church as their parents are. There are many earthly distractions, but it is the depth of faith that is lacking. Faith has to be nourished with daily prayer and I need to be the center of your life. When people think that they no longer need Me, and they can depend on themselves for everything, then they become spiritually lazy and stop coming to church on Sunday. When you take your focus off of Me, then you soon start worshiping yourself or your money. This is why you are seeing many schools and churches close because it is another symptom of the decaying morality in America. Church attendance is worse in Europe, but America is close behind. Other reasons for the loss of faith is because of a lack of commitment and a changing culture. This decline in the numbers who have faith is another sign of the end times, as I have stated: ‘Will I find any faith when I return?’ It will be My faithful remnant, who are few in number, that will guard My Word in their hearts. Hold on to your love of Me and keep the faith, and your reward will be great in heaven.”