Saturday, January 26, 2008: (St. Timothy & St. Titus)

Jesus said: “My people, there was joy in My apostles and My disciples that they could bring My Good News of salvation to all the peoples. They touched the hearts and souls of those who were open to receive My graces and blessings. They healed the sicknesses of the body in addition to the sickness of sin in the souls. I also healed the whole person in the body and soul. Their evangelization efforts were done even at the risk of being martyred for their faith. Today, My faithful can evangelize without fear of death, but it is harder to get people to pray and praise God amidst many world distractions of comforts and pleasures. As you look on this vision it means that you need to look up to Me for your direction and not at your earthly direction. Once you can die to self, and follow My plan for your mission, then you will accomplish more spiritual good in My service. When I call you to evangelize souls, do not be spiritually lazy, but jump to the opportunity to save souls. If you knew how much souls suffered in hell, you would work all the harder to keep souls from going there. Ask the harvest Master to send more laborers into My vineyard of souls, even as I told My disciples that now they would be fishers of men. Pray and work to save as many souls as possible, and your reward in heaven will be great.”

Jesus said: “My people, this yellow caution light on a stoplight, and the yellow color of the school bus in the vision, is a warning to America. Time is running out for your country to repent and stop your many abortions before you will soon see My judgment against you. The few children on this bus represents the reduced number of children because you are killing them in the womb, along with your birth control devices and pills. All of these acts of murder and abuses of the marriage act are calling out for My justice. Many of your natural disasters are being allowed since I have removed My blessings from you because of these grave sins. You continue on with your sins without even recognizing how much you are offending Me. You are almost oblivious to the value of the precious life that you are killing in the womb. Wake up America to the shame of your sins, and repent of them. If you refuse to ask My forgiveness, then you can expect sudden destruction.”