Saturday, January 24, 2009: (St. Francis de Sales)

Jesus said: “My people, in this vision of ripples going out in the water from a thrown in fishing line, there is a message of how your actions and words affect other people. Your ripples of who you are, whether good or bad, can either increase the evil in the world, or encourage peace among people. You may think that you are only one person and how could you affect the whole world? Yet when you add up the effects of everyone’s actions, then you have a country leaning more to evil or good. You are on a stage of life, and all of your actions affect those all around you. So work on your behavior and your speech so that you are a good example to others in loving them and helping them because of your love for Me. When you are loving and kind to others, you are adding to the peace and harmony of My creation. When you are mean, swearing, and rude to others, you are adding to the evil and discord in the world that leads to wars. If everyone obeyed My laws and had love in their hearts, there would be joy all over with no wars. Pray for peace in the world, and let it start with My peace in your own heart and soul.”
(Jack Grieb’s funeral Mass) Jack said: “I want to thank everyone who took the time to pay their respects to me and my family. I love all of my family and friends very much, and I thank you for bearing with my illness in my last days. I appreciated every moment of my life that I was able to share with everyone, especially my dear Sally. As they told me how long I had to live, I grew even closer in prayer to Jesus, Our Blessed Mother Mary, and St. Theresa. I love all of my grandchildren so much and I wanted them to know and pray the rosary so they could invite Mary into their lives and let her watch over them with her mantle. I truly did enjoy the simple life, and taking care of my family and the animals. I have been graced to suffer my purgatory on earth, and I am with Jesus and our deceased relatives in heaven. I will be praying for all of my family and friends.”