Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel (John 3:30) there is a quotation about St. John the Baptist decreasing in importance, and an increase in My being known as a teacher and a healer. ‘He must increase, but I must decrease.’  There is a deeper meaning in these words for all of My disciples.  When you come to heaven to be with Me for all eternity, your soul will be joined with My Spirit as one.  This is the ultimate nature of sainthood that your will is also going to be in complete conformity to My Divine Will as one.  Even on earth I have asked you to give up your will to follow My Divine Will.  I have given you a model that I am the Bridegroom, and My Church is the bride.  Even in marriage the bride and groom shall be as one person in the unity of their love.  When you consecrate everything over to Me, you are giving your will over to Me so you can be one with Me.  This dying to your own will and to self is the process of your coming closer to Me in sainthood.  There is another model for this decrease and increase in the vision.  The stalactite is dripping down or decreasing which is your soul, while the stalagmite is building up in importance representing Me being allowed to lead your life.  The stalactite and the stalagmite eventually are joined to form one column of flagstone, but this takes a long time, even as becoming a saint is a long process.  But in the end you become one in My Spirit and your soul will reach its complete fulfillment to be a part of Me in your Creator.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are some composers, musicians, and Hollywood performers who are wrapped up in themselves only, without Me in their lives.  Everyone who relies on their own accomplishments and their own thoughts are leading themselves to a dead end as in this vision.  Only when you call on Me in My Name and in prayer, will you find your way in the darkness of your sin.  I give you direction for your life, so let Me lead you and do not go before Me.  The devil wants you to believe that you can do everything on your own without My help.  Some famous people believe that they do not need Me in their lives, but they are sadly mistaken.  You are all dependent on Me for everything, whether you believe Me or not.  I know your needs more than you know them yourself, so call on Me in helping to provide for your daily bread, just as you pray to Me in the Our Father.  Those, who are with Me and follow Me, have My grace for eternal salvation and have peace in their souls.  Those, who think that they do not need Me, will be constantly searching for spiritual peace, but they will not find it in themselves or in the world.  Rejoice because you have trust and faith in Me because you will have true happiness in heaven.  Atheists and agnostics, who refuse Me, may find themselves languishing in hell for not accepting Me into their lives.”