Saturday, February 6, 2010: (St. Paul Micki & companions)

Jesus said: “My people, during life you encounter many difficult tasks that may appear impossible to overcome. If I send you on a mission that appears difficult, as these mountains in the vision, then rest assured that I will give you the grace to accomplish that mission. For with Me all things are possible. Keep faithful to your prayer life, and struggle through with trust in My help. Your most important mission is to save souls from hell, and you need to reach out to invite people to have a personal love relationship with Me, their Lord. The more people can give their will over to Me, the better I can use them to carry out their mission. It is when you close Me out of your life, and you do your own agenda, that you run into more problems in life. You are tested every day, but when you walk with Me, your life will be easier and less burdensome without any addictions.”

Jesus said: “My people, this roulette gambling table is an example of how some people are gambling with their lives and their souls by how much they abuse their bodies. If you have addictions to drinking, drugs, and smoking, then you are risking cancer in your liver and your lungs. If people are so addicted, then they need some intervention to deal with the withdrawals of drying out. Anybody, who enables their addictions, is not helping them to stop, but may be allowing them to abuse themselves to death. It is one thing to pray for them to stop, but it is another thing to have tough love to help them stop their addictions. If these people continue their bad habits, then they are truly shortening their lives. Not only will they be held accountable for abusing their bodies, but their souls are being led to the devil’s ways of the world as well. These people may even need exorcisms to rid the demons that are attached to these addictions.”