Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011: (St. Agatha)
Jesus said: “My people, many times in the Gospel readings you see Me drawn to go off into deserted places or into the mountains to pray. Prayer is when you are talking to Me from your soul. By being in quiet places, you can be away from the noise of the world in music, talking, or traffic. In this quiet time now you can listen to My words to your heart, and I can hear you more clearly. In this quiet time with Me you can refresh your spiritual lives that are torn with many demands for your attention. I am the Good Shepherd who brings you My Word of Scripture in the Bible. You have other shepherds in My Church as the pope, bishops, and My priest sons. Even My laity that is baptized and confirmed, are priests, prophets, and kings that are in the line of Melchizedek. All of My faithful can shepherd souls to conversion and help save souls from hell through the power of the Holy Spirit. For those who have fallen away from Me, do not give up on their souls, but pray for their conversion and give them good example in your prayer lives. When people see you coming to Mass, Adoration, and saying your prayers, they can see where you get your spiritual strength. Be on your good behavior at all times so people can see that you live what you believe in your life. Guard yourself from any occasions of sin, and ask My help whenever you are tested by the evil one. By your devotional prayer, and good works, you are following Me through the narrow gate to your eternal reward in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, this crucifix on the ground is My calling to everyone to pick up your own cross and suffer carrying it in union with My own suffering. I have told you that I will give you My peace for My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Those, who do not invite Me to help them, are carrying twice the burden as My faithful.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have heard a great conversion story and the fruit of his conversion. Many of you think that a conversion can only occur once in your life. Throughout your life you may become comfortable with different sins that can turn into habitual sins. You may be saying your prayers for various petitions, but you should be open to pray for a conversion of one of your habitual sins. You know deep down in your soul that you need to make improvements by dealing with your habitual sins. Take one sin, pray about it, and ask My help to break this habit. When you are tempted to commit this sin, say ‘Jesus help me.’ Make this simple request and I will answer your prayer. Continue to make a conversion in your life of each sin that needs to be rooted out of your comfort zone. You will get many attacks from the devil to put off any conversions, or he will tell you that it is too hard to do. All things are possible with Me, and many conversions can be accomplished in your life if you let Me help you. I love all of you and I want to see your souls perfected over time. Making conversions are very difficult with habitual sins. Saying a novena for this intention may help you in your progress. You can also use a Lenten penance in giving up one of your sins. Be humble and take away your pride, and you will find your conversion may be easier than you thought.”