Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012;
Jesus said: “My people, in your first reading I gave King Solomon an opportunity to ask Me for anything, and he chose wisdom. If you had such a choice, what would you choose? I would hope that you would choose the gift of faith, and the desire to be with Me in heaven. With all of the devil’s temptations, you should also pray for blessed endurance to remain faithful all of your life. In the Gospel you saw Me lead My apostles to a deserted place so they could take their rest in Me. It is important also to make some quiet time each day so you can offer your prayers to Me. It is in this quiet time that you could ask My help in discerning if you are on the right path in the works that you are doing for Me. At least once a month you should come to Me in Confession to be released from the bonds of your sins. I will cleanse your soul of sin, and restore My graces so you can fulfill My mission for you. At times you could make an appointment for a retreat to recharge your spiritual batteries. In day to day struggles you also need a rest to allow the retreat master to teach you how to change your life. You may need a change if you find yourself being overly distracted by the desires and pleasures of this life. Keep your full focus on Me at all times so you do not allow the devil to infect you with all kinds of addictions. Wear your blessed sacramentals, and call on My angels to protect you always from the temptations of the devil. By following Me, then you will truly be rewarded in heaven for your faithfulness throughout your whole life.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you the flames of fire in hell where many souls are suffering forever. Other souls are suffering in the lower flames of purgatory, and they are being purified for heaven. When you see how much condemned sinners suffer in hell, you do not want anyone to go there. This is why I send out My missionaries and My faithful to save souls from hell. It is not easy to convert souls from the desires and pleasures of this world to follow Me. To follow Me you must give your will over to Me, and follow My Commandments. I ask you to offer up all of your sufferings to Me as you share your pain with Me on the cross. Keep praying for poor sinners no matter how much they reject your attempts to save them. You could bring them to Me for their salvation as I have mercy on their souls. I love all souls, and I do not give up on anyone until that person’s dying breath. Once a soul leaves its body, then it will face Me in its judgment. It is then that your prayers could intercede for that soul. I ask each soul at the end if they are willing to accept Me or not. It is this last decision that will decide that person’s fate. Remember to pray for the souls in purgatory who may be suffering in flames, and they do not have My Presence among them. The joy that you have with Me in Holy Communion is denied for the souls in purgatory.”