Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, this flowing water in a falls and a river is like the abundant graces that I make available to you during Lent. With your Lenten devotions you have many opportunities to gain graces with your prayers, fasting, and good works. If you go along as usual without gaining these graces, you are not taking advantage of the availability of My graces. When you repent and go to Confession as well as your Lenten devotions, your soul will benefit greatly. Lent is a time to improve your spiritual life, and you need this help on your path to heaven. By detaching yourself more from the things of the world and your bad habits, you will be purifying your soul for when you meet Me at your judgment. Not everyone is properly prepared for their death, but you cannot even be sure that you will be alive tomorrow. Live the present moment now so you will always be prepared when I come to take you home to Me.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are some people who are drawn to make bets on winning jackpots in casinos or Lottery Sweepstakes. It is one thing to bet a small limited amount of money, but there are some who are compulsive gamblers who risk money they cannot afford to lose. It is this excessive gambling that is sinful and can cause a family to lose the money that they need to live on. There is another kind of spiritual gambling with your soul. Some people are gambling that they are going to live a long life and they are putting off their conversion until tomorrow to have a good time today. You cannot be sure that you will live until to tomorrow if I call you home today. Better not to wait for your conversion, but do it now while you still have time in this world. Do not gamble with your soul, but be sure that you repent of your sins before you meet Me at your judgment. You are safer to not gamble at all in this world or with your soul.”
(Matthew Gysel funeral service-vase of ashes) Jesus said: “My people, this soul of Matthew has made it into the lower regions of purgatory because of your Masses and prayers for his soul. Even when someone is not openly religious, they still could be leading a good life. It is the family’s prayers and Masses that can save such souls from going to hell. At one point in their judgment, they need to show Me that they love Me. If they fully reject Me through life and at their judgment, then these souls are condemning themselves to hell. Pray for Matthew continuously and he will one day come to heaven.”