Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday, February 27, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, this story of the Prodigal Son shows you someone who wasted his inheritance on earthly living, extravagantly, and then finds himself poor without anything to eat. He finally comes to his senses, and is ashamed to return to his father’s house. The father was so grateful for his son’s return that he gave him a feast. He was lost and now he is found. You may know situations in your families when one child may have run into financial problems, and that person had to return to the parents’ home for support. There are many young people living at home until they can save up enough money to afford a place to stay and a car for a job. Just as this father welcomed his son home, many fathers would welcome their son or daughter back home to help them. This story has a spiritual meaning which is deeper, because it is a witness of My mercy that I am always ready to welcome any sinner, who is seeking My forgiveness in Confession. All heaven rejoices when one sinner repents of his or her sins, and is converted in faith. The value of a soul is even beyond just the person’s bodily life, but the soul lives on forever. You need to choose to want to be with Me or the devil because these are your only choices. I love all of you so much, that I do everything to encourage you to love Me as well. The devil hates you, and the desire of earthly things will pass away. The devil can only give you the flames of hell forever, while I offer you an eternity of love and peace in heaven. I even call My faithful to reach out and save souls from their poor choices, so My faithful can show these souls the true love of the God who loves them, and welcomes them, even with their many sins. I love all sinners, and I am always waiting for them to repent and love Me in return. My faithful also need to rejoice when you can help save even one sinner from hell. Many souls are searching for love, but when they find Me, they have found true love.”

(4:00 p.m. Mass) God the Father said: “I AM WHO AM is here as you read in the first reading how Moses came to see Me on the mountain as a burning bush that was not consumed. I told Moses to remove his sandals because he was standing on holy ground near Me. When you come to adore Us in the consecrated Host, you also have removed your shoes to honor Us. I call all of My people to honor Our Presence, and to obey My Ten Commandments. You just repented at Confession today, and you have My Ten Commandments posted in your chapel. You also have honored Me in naming your chapel after Me. You have a burning bush, the alpha and omega over a Bible, and My words ‘I AM WHO AM’ etched on your door windows. This is a fitting tribute to honor Me, as well as the naming of your prayer group as ‘The Eternal Father Prayer Group’. I hear your prayers that you want to heal people both in body and soul. My blessing goes forth over your good intentions to help people. Your blessing of the inheritance that you received, was meant to help you with your refuge, and to help others in various ways. I thank you for your work, and keep close to Us in your daily prayers. We love you in all that you are doing to spread Our Word, and heal souls as well as the bodies.”