Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, just as I called Levi to be one of My apostles, so I call all peoples to follow Me in faith. I love everyone, and I do not discriminate on any groups. My call is to pick up your cross of trials in this life, and bear it out of love for Me. My way of love is difficult because I ask you to give up your free will to let Me be the Master of your life. It is not easy to conform your life to follow My Commandments since the devil is tempting you every day with worldly things. I call sinners to repent, which means all of you, because you are all weak to sin. You need My help, so do not be self-righteous as the Pharisees were. Do not think that you are better than others because your sins are not as severe as theirs. You all are called to carry your cross and seek My forgiveness of your sins. Without the forgiveness of sins and making Me Master of your life, then you cannot follow Me to heaven. As you see Me in the vision leading My faithful up a stairway behind My cross, this is your only means to heaven through Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, the plan of the rich one world people is to keep Americans poor and controlled by gasoline prices. The rich can control America easier by taking the good paying jobs overseas and keeping their profits off shore to avoid taxes on their profits. They are stripping the middle class of their wealth by low savings interest rates, stock manipulations, and low income jobs. They are controlling you through high gasoline prices, and deficit spending that is bankrupting your country. Your entitlement programs are about to go broke because of the mismanagement of the funds that were supposed to fund them. The constant wars perpetrated by the one world people, are deepening your debts, and keeping gasoline prices high by war speculation. Your energy programs have not helped to make America less dependent on foreign oil. The policies of your government are leading your country closer to bankruptcy by the plan of the one world people. Pray for some dramatic changes in your policies before your country’s economic system comes to a crash. You have committed so many sins in your abortions and sexual sins, that you are calling My justice down on America where your enemies will be allowed to take you over as a punishment.”