Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013: (St. Polycarp)
Jesus said: “My people, in your older churches you had Communion rails and confessionals, along with many other traditions of six tall candles for High Masses. You bow or genuflect before receiving Holy Communion, and you genuflect as you come into church to give honor to My Real Presence in My tabernacle. This reverence for My Eucharist is weak, if not lost with some Catholics, but I am still present in My consecrated Hosts. Confessionals were more prominent in most older churches, but some churches do not have them in an obvious place. You remember when you had to wait in long lines on Saturday to go to Confession. Unfortunately, fewer people are going to Confession, yet there are even more mortal sins being committed today. Those, who live together in fornication and the like, are coming to Holy Communion with mortal sin on their souls without Confession, and they are committing mortal sins of sacrilege. My Ten Commandments have not changed, and people need to have a properly formed conscience. They should not rationalize their sins away. My faithful should also be coming to Confession at least once a month. Do not get spiritually lazy in avoiding Confession and your daily prayers, and remember to come to Sunday Mass.”

Jesus said: “My people, the one world people are about to use the HAARP machine to cause a large earthquake with a great display of colors in the sky before the earthquake. The violence of the microwaves will make an explosion that will cause a major power outage. This will be a land event that could cause some deaths, and it will take a while to restore any lost power. This machine could be used as blackmail against any country. It could also cause an EMP attack to put anyone’s communications and cars out of working order, as well as a power grid. As long as this machine and others are allowed to operate, you could see a continuous string of disasters that will continue to reduce the population, and give control over to the one world people. Be thankful that this evil age will be coming to a close when I will bring My Comet of Chastisement. Evil is having its hour for a short time, so keep faithful to Me, and I will protect you.”