Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014: (Vigil Mass)
Jesus said: “My people, there are two basic themes in today’s Gospel of love your enemies, and to strive for perfection as My heavenly Father is perfect. It is relatively easy to love your friends and most of your relatives, but it is hard to love people who harass you, or disturb you in their political opinions. Some of your Federal and State leaders may irritate you with some of their extreme views favoring abortion and same sex marriage. Still, I am asking you to love them as a person, even if you do not agree with their politics. Loving your persecutors is also difficult, but you remember on the cross when I said they did not know what they were doing to the Son of God. Loving your enemies and not holding grudges, is what is needed to help you to perfect yourself. Most souls either have to suffer some time in purgatory, or some pain on earth to atone for their sins. Very few people come straight to heaven. Even though My words of loving everyone may be hard to endure, it is still worth working on in life. You have Lent coming soon, so you can plan some penances to make up for some of your shortcomings. Getting to Confession at least once a month, and praying your daily prayers, are some places to start in helping your personal spirituality.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you in this vision that there is a link between dried up water aquifers and some of the sinkholes that you have witnessed in the news. You also could experience sinkholes with old caved in mines. In many areas away from lakes and rivers, the people and farmers rely on well water for their source of water. As droughts become worse, the water table goes deeper. When the aquifers run dry from over use, this can cause empty caverns that could cave in to cause sinkholes. As more water is taken out, because of the droughts, there is a potential for more severe sinkholes. You could use various signals to determine if there are empty pockets in a given area. Then you would know which areas not to build on, so sinkholes with homes could be avoided. This becomes a serious problem in populated areas. Some drought areas may consider piping in fresh water than running the wells dry. Once people understand the causes of the sinkholes, then your people may be able to prevent them from happening.”