Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I want to teach you about the things on a heavenly plane and those things on an earthly plane.  It is your soul being a spirit that seeks and is only satisfied with the things on a heavenly plane.  While your body, being earthly, seeks only those things on an earthly plane.  Many times you have a desire for new homes, new cars, or new electronic devices.  These are all earthly things and they will never satisfy your soul.  There are necessary things that you need for survival, but you may be tested to desire something that you cannot afford.  Be satisfied with what is within your grasp, but do not worship these things or see them as status symbols driven by your pride.  It is not a sin to own things, but continual desire for the latest things may begin to control you.  You are here to know, love, and serve Me, so spiritual goals are most important for you to seek.   Remember that things will only please you for a time before they become old or obsolete.  They will never satisfy you as I satisfy your soul.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are more people in different countries trying to help in reducing the air pollution by the consumption of less fuel.  This can start with car pooling and making more fuel efficient cars.  Others are working on wind, solar, and hydrogen fuel cells.  While this is a start for alternative power sources, there needs to be some major breakthroughs so you can cut back oil related fuels.  The high price of oil and gasoline has strained many budgets in getting to work, but it has cut back some pleasure and vacation driving.  To make any dramatic effects on the level of your fossil burning fuels, it will mean some hard choices for your international economies and business manufacturing, as well as a change in your driving habits.  If something does not change your current trends, major effects could bring My balance of nature into an imbalance.  Your earth is a finite space for all of you to live, and you need to preserve your environment the best way that you can.  Pray for all the peoples of the world to see the need to work together on this situation affecting all of your lives.”