Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday, February 13, 2016:
Jesus said: “My son, I want you to be careful about what you hear in the world that you do not understand. I call you to research these subjects, and call on Me to assist you in your understanding if these things are true and can be substantiated. In the Gospel you are reading of My call to Levi, the tax collector. I later called him Matthew, and you are familiar with the Gospel he wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. My apostles were with Me during My public life. I led them to go out two by two to spread My Word of love in the Scriptures, and to preach about the coming of My Kingdom, which is My Presence among the people. As I called My apostles, I also am calling My baptized faithful to go out and share My Word to convert souls to the faith in Me, so they can be saved from hell. You are being purified and cleansed during this Lenten Season. I have called you, My son, to a special mission for Me to prepare the people for the end times. You have been faithful to both your mission of spreading My Word, and preparing your refuge. Do not have any fear of what is coming because I will protect you at My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, during Lent you may choose to not eat sweets as a penance or suffering for the body. Keep in mind that you fast between meals, and choose penances in order to restrain the desires of the body so the soul is in control of the body. Some people choose Sunday as a day without your penances. So excuse yourself from eating sweets to be true to your suffering for My sake. You also heard from your friend about more proof that the evolution of man cannot happen by itself. The chance of forming life from nothing, or changing species are astronomical, meaning impossible. The chance of order coming out of chaos is equally impossible by scientific probability. It is sad that your children and adults are being brain washed by atheists teaching bad science that is a denial of Our creation of the world. These atheists are forcing colleges and schools to teach theories as fact, when there is no way to prove Darwinism or the big bang theory. These theories are all means to deny Our creation, and deny My existence. You do not have to believe these lies, even if people do not accept you in school or they mock you in society. I know your heart, and I thank you for believing in Me more than man.”