Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012: (Presentation of Jesus, St. Thomas)
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel you see My Presentation in the Temple according to the Jewish rite for male infants. After My death on the cross, My faithful can now be baptized into the faith when they are infants. You saw Simeon giving thanks that he had lived to see My day and he said: ‘Now you can dismiss your servant.’ He also gave a prophecy to My Blessed Mother of My death that a sword would pierce her heart. In the vision of a priest ready for Confession, you are seeing how I bring My Light into the world’s darkness by the forgiveness of sins in your souls. When you come to the priest in Confession, your sins are forgiven, and you have grace restored to your soul. Once you are absolved of your sins, you have My Light in your life to defend you from the temptations of the devil. Rejoice that I have brought My saving Light into your world of sin and darkness.”

Jesus said: “My people, this year you have suffered dramatically from your tornadoes, Hurricane Isaac and Hurricane Sandy, and now from some severe snow storms. You have seen news reports of $11 billion dollars in damage and some deaths as well. These events are truly trials, but these disasters are also a punishment for America’s abortions and sexual sins. The one world people have the HAARP machine at their disposal to cause many of these disasters. This microwave machine can change the jet streams to direct storms to any place that the one world people desire. The intent of these disasters is to cause a disruption in your infrastructure to weaken your country financially. Eventually, your wars and overspending will cause a bankruptcy in your government which will allow martial law to take over your country. I will provide places at My refuges for My faithful when you may see chaos and revolution. This is when the evil ones will do away with your dollar as a currency.”