Saturday, December 27, 2008: (St. John the Evangelist)

Jesus said: “My son, you are celebrating one of your feast days that has inspired you even from grammar school. St. John wrote his Gospel with an emphasis on love and My Divinity. He helps many to truly understand the meaning of love of God and love of neighbor as thyself. St. John was given to care for My Blessed Mother at the foot of My cross. He was always described as the one apostle that I loved more than the others. St. John was with Me on Mount Tabor at My Transfiguration and was one of three with Me in the Garden of Gethsemene at My agony. The lonely tree represents his exile on Patmos Island where he wrote the Book of Revelation. When you went to Ephesus, Turkey where St. John was buried, it was there that you realized that your mission is to carry on St. John’s work. Your mission is to share My messages of the end times, and I thank you for all that you have done to obey My call. The hardest part is to live out the suffering that you will have to endure that is yet to come. Many of the prophetic messages given have already come about, which is no surprise for My true believers. Remain faithful to My call in going forth to share My messages and working to save souls. Your time to save souls grows short, so make the most of your efforts in speaking and praying for others.”