Saturday, December 26, 2009: (St. Stephen)

Jesus said: “My people, your Legislature is on the verge of passing a Health Care Plan that could eventually pay for abortions and even encourage euthanasia, as well as a possible National ID computer chip card for your medical services. These controlled Congress people are led and financed by the one world people, and they buy their votes with the taxpayers’ money. This will be your country’s undoing as you are on the road to bankruptcy and martial law when the people will revolt against your new mandates. When these evil ones control your food and your electricity, the one world troops will force a takeover, and My faithful will go to My refuges for protection. This takeover could be forced on America in a short time, which is why I have given you so many messages on how to prepare for and leave for My refuges. Your persecution will worsen until the tribulation will begin as the Antichrist will declare himself. Trust in Me and do not be afraid, as you call on My angels to protect you. I will be with you and defend My faithful remnant from the gates of hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a ship catching fire and sinking represents America in how you will be destroyed by fire. This ship represents your own ship of state which is self-destructing from the actions of your government. Many actions taken in the last year have extended your National Debt, and they are leading you into a planned bankruptcy. The one world people are purposely trying to destroy your economy and your military. With America out of the way, they could easily plunder the rest of the world in a similar manner. Trust in My protection from these evil ones as you are directed to My refuges. You can see the planned destruction of your country taking place in all of the reckless spending going on. Pray for the spiritual salvation of the souls in your country, despite any persecution.”