Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, your society does not consider life precious in the womb because you are killing millions of My babies every year. You have listened to Satan’s lies, and all the excuses to kill your children. You have terrorists in the doctors who are killing babies in all of your abortion clinics. They are not just killing a group of people, but millions of babies. I detest all killing, but to kill defenseless little ones is about as low and as evil as you can get. It is your abortion laws and all of your killings that will bring My punishment against your country. Because you have denied these babies their freedom to live, I will deny your freedom, and you will be under a coming dictatorship of the one world people in the North American Union. My faithful need to fight against your country’s abortion laws, and be persistent in stopping abortions with your prayers and actions.”

(4:00 p.m. Fourth Sunday of Advent Mass) Jesus said: “My people, I am drawing your attention to two times when I rode on a donkey. When My Blessed Mother was carrying Me in her womb, she rode with Me on a donkey. This is the donkey that you see in many Nativity Scenes. At My birth there was much celebration, as the angels were singing glory to Me in front of the shepherds in the fields. The shepherds came to see Me in My crib as they were directed by the angels. At another time, I rode on a donkey into Jerusalem, and everyone was cheering My entry with palms, as you celebrate on Palm Sunday. There is a parallel in these events that were both celebrations of My glory. You are celebrating My birth as the Savior when I came to the earth as a God-man at the end of Advent. In a while, you will be celebrating My Resurrection at the end of Lent. These are the two major feasts of the Year in My Church, at Christmas and Easter. Rejoice in these celebrations of My glory.”

Jesus said: “My faithful refuge builders, you all have given Me your ‘yes’ to carry out your mission to build interim and final refuges. Some of you have been diligently working on these projects for many years. Others have only recently been building things, and they are hurrying to finish them before people will be coming to My refuges. I commend all of you for all the financial and timely work that you have had to bear in making these refuges. Some of you have gotten financial help from others, and a few have used inheritances or other means to pay for your materials. It is not easy to prepare living quarters, bedding, food, and water sources. You also need some good organization, and some have received messages of instruction to help them. Your work will not be in vain because My angels will help you to take care of My faithful souls during the tribulation. You will have invisible shields of protection, luminous crosses and springs of healing, as well as daily Holy Communion for all who come to My refuges. My faithful will all be rewarded in My Era of Peace, and later in heaven.”