Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you were reading today of the circumstances that brought about the miraculous births of Samson in the Old Testament and St. John the Baptist in the New Testament. Nothing is impossible for Me, as even My own birth was a miracle of the Holy Spirit. You have seen many natural disasters occurring as a sign of the end times among you. This vision of a men’s lavatory falling apart is a sign of how America will be brought to its knees and fall to others. The fall of America will be a punishment for all of your abortions and sexual sins as you worship worldly things as idols before worshiping Me. The falling away from your faith in Me is what will bring about your fall as a nation. It is only the few who are faithful in prayer that have postponed this fall from happening sooner.”

Jesus said: “My people, the time of your persecution draws near, as you see how evil the world is getting. Christians have been criticized and made fun of in public disgrace, but soon the evil ones will start discriminating all of those who believe in Me and do not believe or worship the Antichrist. Your persecution will become so severe that they will want to put you in prison and torture you for My sake. Even your prayers and reverent devotions will heap coals on their fury to kill you. Once you see martial law, mandatory chips in the body, famine, and division in My Church, then you should call on Me and I will have your guardian angels lead you to the nearest refuge. If you delay at your homes after I have warned you to leave, then you could risk capture and being killed in their death camps. Trust in Me for your protection at My refuges, where you will have bread, water, meat, and shelter.”