Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel from the beginning of Matthew, you are reacquainted with the genealogy of St. Joseph coming down from Abraham. In Luke’s Gospel he starts with St. Joseph and it leads all the way back to Adam. Along the way you see David the King mentioned, as I was called the Son of David. Even when you see Adam mentioned, you can think of Me as the new Adam. The first Adam brought sin into the world, and all the souls, who had died in the body, had to suffer in hell until I redeemed them. You take My sacraments for granted, but Baptism from original sin only came with My death on the cross. You also have Me constantly present to you in My Blessed Sacrament in My tabernacles that you can visit. Rejoice in My coming feast of Christmas because this is the beginning of a new light as your days in the North start getting longer. You can also come to Me in Confession where your sins can be forgiven, and your soul will be refreshed with My grace when the priest gives you absolution. These graces were unavailable to the people before My time on earth. So be joyful that you have all the graces of My sacraments that are available to you now.”

Jesus said: “My people, your forefathers, who set up your Democratic Republic, knew how the three branches of your government needed checks and balances so one branch could not control everything. Over the years, the Executive branch has taken more liberties with powers that should be held by the Congress. Your original rules were meant to put the power of government in the hands of the people, but the corporations are controlling things through their lobbying of millions of dollars. Money and greed are controlling your representatives, and many of them are looking out for themselves more than for the people that they represent. Corruption in government is hard to root out because it is very costly to remove the incumbents. Pray for your representatives who are constantly being tested by money and lies for their votes.”