Saturday, December 15, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, this is joy Sunday on the Third Sunday of Advent. It is why you are seeing these joyful celebrations in the vision. There is joy all over the world as the earth prepares to celebrate My coming as your Redeemer at Christmas. Today you start to see more readings about St. John the Baptist as he prepares the way for My coming. He prepared the people as a voice in the desert who preached repentance and a change of life for the better. Even as you prepare to celebrate My coming at Christmas, you also need to listen to My prophets of today who are also preaching repentance in preparation for when I come again. The circular signs in the vision are pointing toward the Warning and how to prepare for the coming tribulation. After I vanquish the evil ones, you will see My Era of Peace. So rejoice in My coming at Christmas and at My Era of Peace.”