Saturday, December 12, 2009: (Our Lady of Guadalupe)

Our Lady said: “My dear children, I am sorry for you that my feast day of Guadalupe was overlooked at the Mass. I am the Blessed Mother of the Americas and this is a noted celebration, especially in Mexico. You have seen miracles even from the copy of the tilma that you escorted in your city of Rochester, N.Y. You celebrated St. Juan Diego’s feast a few days ago and even my image is one of pregnancy and appropriate for the Advent Season. My children are being tested by the one world people who want to join Canada, America, and Mexico into one of their fake unions to deny your sovereign nationhood. I am protecting you at my apparition places of refuge where Jesus and the angels will defend you from the evil ones. Be prepared, as my Son, Jesus, has warned you, for events will be moving quickly, and you will need to seek the safety of our refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen earthquakes underwater cause tsunamis. Now I am showing you deep earthquakes that could drain your ponds, water wells, and even change the course of your lakes. A major earthquake on the New Madrid fault could drain even your Great Lakes into the Mississippi River basin, and this would cause a great loss of fresh water. Other earthquakes in the West could change the geography of your Western coastline. You have had a time of relative stability, but once large earthquakes start happening, you could see other major earthquakes occur on the plate interfaces. Be prepared for major damage in the cities near these fault lines. Many of your water, gas, and electric lines will be affected, and it will leave many areas with no power, no heat, and little water. Be ready to leave for your refuges where your necessities will be provided, and you will be protected even from earthquakes.”