Saturday, August 9, 2008: (St. Teresa, Edith Stein)

Our Lady said: “My dear children, thank you for your rosary for souls and your beautiful singing. I have shown you one last butterfly as your farewell gift back to your homes. This is also a reminder to bring your joy, peace, and love that you received here, back to the people where you live. Share with them my love and your faith in the beauty of Betania. You also shared in looking at the Bianchini Family’s rendition of my house of Loreto that you visited in person. From that hill you had a beautiful view of all the work that the Bianchini Family has accomplished here. I will be protecting this land with my mantle and the angels sent by my Son, Jesus. Rejoice in your last visit to my Shrine on this pilgrimage.”
Jesus said: “My people, when you come to heaven, you will only see young people in their thirties in their soul bodies. Everyone here in heaven is singing and chanting My praises and among them is Maria Esperanza. She was always full of life and had a constant love for Me and My Blessed Mother. Even now in heaven she is full of life and love for Me and her family. This parading of young children with their flowers represents how all of heaven desires that these young innocent souls need to be taught how to love Me and obey Me for the rest of their lives. All the saints, including Maria, have a mission to help pray for these souls and to encourage their parents and teachers to bring them up in the faith. I love the little children, and I am sad when people mislead My little ones into sin or kill them in abortion. So I call on My faithful to be like little children in order to come to heaven. Also, you all have a mission as well to bring the little children to Me so they can know and love Me. Rejoice in the gift of the souls of the children, but you are responsible for saving these souls by your teaching.”