Saturday, August 8, 2009: (St. Dominic)

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you this message on Light before, but I want to impress on you the importance of light in your life. You wake up every morning from the light of My creation in the sun. Even the heavens are full of many stars to give light to the whole universe of darkness. On cloudy days and at night you can continue to do your work by just switching on your lights of various kinds. Without your lights, it would be difficult to live your lives during the dark of the night. Just as I give you physical light through the sun and the moon, you know that I give you a spiritual Light of grace, love, and knowledge of how to be saved. By following Me in My sacraments and being faithful and obedient to My laws, you are on the right path to heaven. Your faith is a gift to treasure and it can be shared with others as you can evangelize souls to know Me as well. You become lights yourselves or beacons of grace for others to see in the darkness of their sins. Your light though, needs to be strengthened with prayer and grace from My sacraments. All of your gifts and strength come from Me, so give Me thanks and praise in your prayers every day. Rejoice also in My physical and spiritual Light which you bask in every day.”
(Gerard Michael funeral for newborn) David (my son in heaven) said: “Dear Family, you know how difficult it was for all of you to bear my passing, so you can appreciate this mother’s grief as well. You know that I was baptized, so you also know that I am a saint in heaven. This little one is also a saint in heaven as you saw in the vision. I have encouraged you to pray to me as an intercessor for your petitions. By the grace of God, you have seen several young mothers have children through my intercession. I am mentioning this so this mother and her family can pray to Gerard for petitions as well. Heaven is sending several angels to comfort this mother and ease her pain of grief. Be grateful for every life from the Lord no matter how short it may last.”