Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday, August 31, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel about the talents is another lesson in judgment on people who do not use their God-given talents. You all are given time, talents, and an opportunity to gain treasure for your livelihood. How you spend your time and use your talents and treasure will be one of your accountings at your judgment. My faithful have also been given a gift of faith, and My sacramental graces that you should share as well with your neighbor. In life you share what you have with your children and your grandchildren. At other times you can share your labor and your money in charity for your neighbors. Sharing your faith in trying to help save souls, is an even higher calling. It is one thing to help people to survive in the body, but it is another thing to help save souls from going to hell. Striving for a heavenly destination is against the body’s desires in many ways. This is why so many souls need prayers and guidance to keep on the right path with Sunday Mass, Confession, and leading a holy life. By a good example from My faithful, you can help influence your family and your friends to come closer to loving Me. When they have Me in their lives by your invitation, I will enrich their lives with My love and My mercy. Keep working to save as many souls as you can, and you will have your reward in heaven.”