Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel of the three people given five, two, and one talents is a parable speaking to how each of you are given talents and graces to fulfill the mission that I gave you. The first two were industrious in the world to double their talents. It is not how much wealth that you gain in this world that will gain you heaven. This represents My faithful souls who use their talents to love Me and love their neighbor. My faithful are those who repent of their sins in Confession and pray daily for grace and strength against the evil one. By keeping your soul pure and nourished with My sacraments, then you will be molded for your mission for evangelizing souls and doing good deeds for your neighbor. It is the one, who buried his talent, that represents the one who did not use his gifts and refused to repent of his sins. This soul is on the broad road to hell and only worships himself and the world. My faithful must worship Me only and be focused on Me to do everything out of love for Me. A faithful soul is humble and does not boast of themselves, but that soul gives glory and thanks to God for everything received. Trust in My grace and help to lead you to heaven, and I will provide for all of your needs.”
Jesus said: “My people, at times you have desires for things that are either too expensive, or they are too difficult to achieve. These situations can sometimes be very aggravating or frustrating in disturbing your peace. Praying to Me to help you in your problems may make your life easier. If your petition is more to help someone else, your prayer is even more worthy of being answered. It is better to pray for things that will help your soul or help save another soul. In the end do not let things so upset you that you become angry and swear at your problem. Being angry, worried, or anxious over any problem will not make it any better. It is more useful to be calm in your soul, no matter how you face life’s events. Let your soul be in more control of your body by prayer and fasting. Novenas are also helpful in obtaining your intention. Even if you should fall victim to sin in your anger, I will always forgive you so you can learn from your mistakes and have My grace in your soul after repenting.”