Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday, August 3, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, you do not see all of us in heaven, but we can see what everyone is doing on earth, even in the dark and secret places. So you should be on your good behavior at all times, because you are all on display as on the stage of life. If you should fall into sin, you could come to the priests for confessing your sins. You need to pray and keep focused on Me at all times, so you can keep your souls pure and ready to meet Me at your judgment, on the day you die. The souls in purgatory can also pray for you, and at times they are allowed to give signs to you that they need your prayers to get out of their suffering. Keep praying for the souls in purgatory every day, especially for the souls who do not have people praying for them. Each day you struggle in your human condition on your path to heaven. Keep showing Me by your actions and prayers, how much you love Me and your neighbors.”

Jesus said: “My people, this killing of an eagle is symbolic of how the evil one world people will bring down America. They will cause a sequence of events that will cause a martial law takeover of America. I have warned you that these evil ones will find ways to crash your banking system which will close your banks as a bank holiday. About the same time your power grid will go down, and you will see signs of a pandemic virus being spread around the world. You will also see men in black causing false flag terrorist attacks, and a time of forcing mandatory chips in the body on the people. When such events take place, I will warn My faithful beforehand to get ready to leave for My refuges. If this bank holiday extends over a week, there will be chaos and riots, as people will be searching for water and food for survival. The stores will be cleared of food and water bottles very quickly. My faithful will need to pack your backpacks, food, water, and bikes into your vehicle, as you start out on your way to My refuges. Your guardian angels will conceal you with a shield of invisibility, as they will lead you with a flame to the nearest refuge. I have been giving you many signs that the tribulation is about to start, so heed My warnings, and be prepared to leave for My refuges.”