Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday, August 20, 2016: (St. Bernard)
Jesus said: “My people, you have had small wars with ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but I am preparing you for a larger World War that would be a major battle involving many nations. This battle will even involve demons and My angels supporting the troops. This unusual vision of what appears to be robots, or men dressed in metallic colored outfits, represents the high technical warfare that will occur. Just as your police use robots to disarm bombs, you will see a larger use of robots, or robotic arms and legs on the military people. You could even see tactical nuclear weapons and EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapons in use. Some armies may use chemical weapons as well. I told you that many people would die in this massive war. This will be the Antichrist’ brief reign, but I will bring My victory with My angels and My Comet of Chastisement. All the power of the evil ones will be overwhelmed by My power, and My angels will cast the demons and the evil people into hell. You will rejoice when I will bring My faithful into My Era of Peace.”

(4:00 p.m. Mass) Jesus said: “My people, it is not enough to call out Lord, Lord to be saved, but you need to develop a personal love relationship with Me. Show your love for Me in your actions, and not just in your words. By helping your neighbor in good works, then you are putting your love for Me into action. It is better to pray to Me daily to show Me that you want to talk to Me, and ask your petitions. If you pray, come to Mass on Sunday, and help your neighbor, then you will know and love Me. Those people, who only give Me lip service, are not sincere in trying to know Me, but they just want Me to give them things. So when these lukewarm souls come to My gates to try and enter heaven, I will turn them away as evildoers who I do not know. I am love and I give everyone the ability to love Me and your neighbor. When you ignore Me and worship the things of the earth, how am I to see the proof of your love? I call on all souls to repent of their sins, and to accept Me as Master of their lives. These are My conditions to come to heaven. If you do not show Me love and do not obey My Commandments, you are not ready for heaven. Love for Me and your neighbor needs to be in your heart as the first step to heaven. Until people love Me and repent of their sins, they will be just another black soul that will not be allowed into heaven, and will be cast into hell.”