Saturday, August 2, 2008: (St. Eusebius)

Jesus said: “My people, this massive evacuation of people will be from a natural disaster that will happen along the Asian Pacific Rim of fire. The many people in the vision left walking because the roads were too clogged with vehicles that were deadlocked. There will be a combination of earthquakes and volcanoes on the east coast of Asia that will trigger a fear of evacuations. Many will have their lives saved by this immediate leaving. The damage from this event will affect the economies in this area, and it is a sign for coming major earthquake events on the West coast of America on the eastern Pacific Rim along North America. When these events are finished, there will be some major changes in geography all around the Pacific Rim of fire. You have been seeing increasing activity in these areas as a forewarning of these events to come. Pray for the people in this area who will be suffering from this major destruction. Pray for these people to get their spiritual lives in order because there will be many deaths.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen oil prices rise so much that your government was investigating why the prices were rising faster than demand. Oil companies are making record profits while everyone is forced to pay high prices for gasoline and heating oil. The worst effect on your economy is your increasing need for imports of oil when you could be generating your own fuels from your own resources. Drilling for more gas and oil in America while using existing technology is possible if you have a meaningful energy policy and less prevention by smaller interest groups. There should be a government quick study in how to develop more American sources of energy from existing technology in the short term including nuclear, and alternative sources for the long term. By starting immediately, America would be less dependent on unstable governments for oil. This increase in supplies could be combined with more efficient uses of your fuels by using smaller and less numbers of vehicles. Bikes, trains, and car pools could also lower your costs. There are ways to deal with high fuel costs, and these spikes are driving your decisions to where they should have been decided long ago.”