Saturday, August 15, 2009: (Our Lady’s Assumption)

Our Lady said: “My dear children, I thank all of you for remaining faithful to praying your daily rosaries. Jesus will bless all of you as I give Him your petitions. My Son hears my requests and He will answer them according to His Will. I put my mantle of protection over all of my children, and a special protection for all of Jesus’ little ones in the womb. Heaven is saddened by how little value that you give life in your abortions and any other killings. Wherever you have human life, you have an immortal soul that needs to be saved. All of you should desire to be with your Lord one day in your own glorified bodies. That day, when your soul will be joined by your glorified body, will be the happiest time of your existence. Continue to pray for all sinners and the souls in purgatory.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are some people who love money so much that they will do almost anything to get rich. Some thieves rob banks to get money illegally. Other Wall Street barons have the means to manipulate the markets to steal the people’s money. Others risk losing everything in gambling habits to get rich quick. In many of these cases money is sought and worshiped like an idol for what it can buy. Some people let money and possessions run their lives without any thought of their spiritual life. When you leave this life, you cannot take your wealth with you. Money and possessions will not get you into heaven either. So the point is that the things of this world should not be allowed to control you. Instead of wanting to live a life of luxury, you should seek to live a modest life in order to satisfy your earthly necessities. In this way of life you are not seeking wealth to buy all of the latest things that you could buy. Keeping close to Me in daily prayer will bring you much closer to heaven, than owning the latest entertainment devices. Keep your priorities fixed on how to save your soul and others, rather than on material possessions that will become obsolete and break down. A humble heart is much more pleasing to Me than a heart of greed or anger. Keep calm among your trials, and do not let anything disturb your peace in your soul.”