Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, you have read about Jeremiah, the prophet, and how he and the prophets suffered persecution for proclaiming My Word. Many of My prophets have suffered martyrdom for their faith in Me. In the Gospel I even described to you what is expected of My prophets. When I call My prophets, they are being graced with the opportunity to share My Word for that time. They should be willing to say ‘yes’ to My mission and not look back, but to follow My lead. They also need to call on My grace to have courage to go where I call them to share My message. My Word is a spiritual message and it is not always to the liking of the body, but it is for the betterment of souls. Some may want to reject My message, and as a consequence may even want to reject My prophets. My prophets are called to endure any rejection and even to be willing to die for spreading My Word. My son, I have called you to this mission of preparing the people for the end times. You are not to mellow the message for a better hearing, and I even asked you to carry on until you could no longer move. You have been faithful to Me for these many years and I am grateful for your efforts. Now, you will be entering the beginnings of the coming tribulation. You know that the evil ones will be coming more into power and this will pose a threat to My prophets and My faithful. You are to be steadfast with My message, even if it may endanger your life. Your reward awaits you in heaven. I call all of My faithful to be priests, prophets, and kings by virtue of your Baptism. So you all are called to evangelize souls to the faith and help them to avoid hell. Give praise and glory to Me for sending My prophets with My warnings for this time.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision about a prison is about two prisoners. The first prisoner is Myself in all the tabernacles all over the world. Where there is perpetual Adoration, it is a joy for Me to give graces to those who make their assigned hour to give Me praise and honor. Your holy Savior waits to greet everyone who comes to visit Me, even if for only ten minutes. It is sad when I am alone night after night and no one comes to see Me. It is at those times that I feel like an ignored prisoner. The second prisoner is your soul that is trapped in this physical body that I have given you. The soul can be constantly tormented by the desires of the body and the many temptations of the evil one. The soul is all love, but at times it is hard for the soul to have control over the body. The best means for the soul to control the body is through prayer and fasting. It is when the body is in control through sin that the soul feels like a prisoner without being able to express itself. The soul needs to direct the body on the path to heaven without allowing the things of the world to control the body as with addictions. By keeping Me as the center of your life, then you can keep the whole person on the right path to heaven.”