Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012: (Easter Vigil-candle ceremony)
Jesus said: “My people, the Light of My Resurrection so affected the guards that they fell down as dead men. My angels told the women who came that I would see My apostles in Galilee. The women were astounded by the angels, but they believed the angels’ words that I had resurrected. The women told My apostles, but My apostles did not want to accept this news at first until it was confirmed. I told My apostles that I would rise from the dead after three days, but they did not understand what rising from the dead meant. Later, after My appearances, they believed, but blessed are My disciples of today who have believed without seeing Me. Many of you have struggled with fasting and your penances, but now you are free to celebrate the freedom that I bring to each soul in loosening your bonds of sin to truly make you free.”