Saturday, April 26, 2008: (Ray Wagner’s Funeral Mass)

Jesus said: “My people, you are all gathered together as a family to bid farewell to a husband, a father, and a grandfather. Ray was a lover of life and he enjoyed get-togethers with family and friends. Wherever there were social affairs, Ray and his wife, Millie, were there. It is appropriate to have one last reception even at his funeral. Ray was happy to see the Honor Guard and all of his family and friends come to his funeral. He sends his great love to his wife, Millie, and the adult children Carol and Joyce, and to all his relatives and friends. He wants you all to have a good time at the last of his parties. I ask you to pray for Ray as you do for all of My faithful departed, and do not forget him in your prayers.”
(Margaret Mary Finucane and Peter Horvath’s Wedding) Jesus said: “My people, you remember the account of My being present at a Wedding Feast in Cana. I emphasized that a marriage commitment of love is similar to the love commitment that I want you to make to Me. I also gave the couple a gift of My first miracle by making the water into wine for their reception. I know that you are human and that your love is imperfect, but even as a husband and wife strive to always love one another, you also can strive with My grace to love Me all of your life. I am showing you this wedding banquet table because I go to prepare your own special seat at My Banquet Table in heaven. When you invite someone to a wedding, then on receiving their answer to come, you prepare an individual place for them at a table with their name. Marriage is a vocation in life that you choose to be self-giving to your spouse and to make joint decisions. You need to have Me as the third partner in your marriage so your family prayer will keep you faithful and united throughout your years of married life. If and when children come from your love, then you have a further commitment to bring your children up in the faith and guard their souls from the evil one. A family love is so precious that I have called My Church My bride, and I am the Groom. Pray for these young people that they will see the fruit of their love blossom out into a loving family.”