Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, fresh water is necessary for all of mankind to survive, whether at your current homes or at My refuges. When you come to My refuges, I have mentioned how an independent source of water will be necessary for all the people who will come. When the tribulation comes, you will not have a store to buy water. It would be best to have a river, a lake, or a pond for a large source of water beyond drinking. Otherwise, you may need to have a water well dug with options for a mechanical pump that does not require electricity. Many refuges will not have solar power, so pumping water will be necessary. If there is no source of water, then you will need a miraculous spring as in Lourdes, France. This is similar to Moses who struck the rock for miraculous water in the desert. Trust in Me to provide enough water for the people to survive at My refuges. At the time to go to My refuges, you will only need the bare necessities of water, food, and a shelter which will be provided, along with My angel protection from the evil ones. You will be living in full trust and faith in Me during this short reign of the Antichrist. Have patience, My people, and you will see My victory over evil, and then you will be rewarded in My Era of Peace.”

Jesus said: “My people, coal still provides a large source for your energy production. There are still needs for coal in generating electricity and some is used in making steel. It is the coal mining underground that needs to be done in order to obtain the coal which is dangerous for the workers’ health. You have heard stories of coal miners dying from explosions or toxic gases. Methane gas or coal dust can mix with oxygen and an ignition source to cause an explosion. You have seen these mishaps in America, China, and Chile. It is a dangerous job also from inhaling the coal dust which can cause black lung. Mining coal does provide jobs, but the insurance is higher because of the dangers involved. Your country needs all of your energy sources in order to minimize the oil that is imported, especially from the Middle Eastern oil countries. Coal is worse on pollution, and it produces carbon dioxide as other fuels do. Your appetite for electricity and fuels for your transportation has grown too much, and soon conservation of electricity and more fuel efficient cars will help cut back your fuel needs. America consumes 25% of all of the earth’s fuels, so your standard of living will go down with rising fuel prices. Pray that America can reduce its foreign dependency on oil so you are not restricted by wars and uprisings in these oil countries.”