Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015:

Jesus said: “My people, many of My miracles encouraged the faith in Me for My apostles. When they saw Me calm a violent storm, they wondered about My powers. When they saw Me walk on water, this was defying natural things. They saw Me heal the sick, raise the dead to life, and multiply the bread and the fish. These were all astounding miracles that brought many people to believe in Me. I told My apostles that I would be killed, but I would rise on the third day. My Resurrection from the dead, is My greatest miracle, as My apostles saw and felt My wounds in My flesh, and they believed. Adam’s sin brought many weaknesses to sin, to sickness, and to a short life in death. My Resurrection is an example to My followers that those, who follow My Commandments, seek My forgiveness, and accept Me as Savior, are promised one day to have a united body and soul at the last judgment. This is the hope I give to everyone, that you can strive for a holy life, so you may have eternal life with Me in heaven as your reward.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing problems with Greece making its payments, and stock bubbles in China that could affect your markets, as they did on Friday. I have warned you in the past that there is a strong possibility of a financial instability occurring this year with the Tetrad blood moons. If there is a currency crash or a stock market crash, this could upset people’s sources of food and other necessities of life. Those people, who are dependent on your government for Social Security or welfare, could find it difficult to buy anything if these funds stop coming. This is another reason to have some extra food and water. If chaos and riots result over finding food, you could see a martial law, and your lives would be in danger. My refuges would be your places of protection at that time, so be prepared to leave your homes to come to My safe havens. My Warning experience needs to take place first, because many souls are not spiritually ready for the evil that is coming. Trust in My help in your needs and for My angel protection.”