Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010:
 Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel from (John 6:16-21) is about My walking on the water to My apostles, but the vision is from (Matt. 14:22-33) which is in more detail of this miracle. There was a storm around My apostles in the boat that made them fearful. When they saw Me walking on the water, they were awed at this sight and even thought that I was a ghost. St. Peter was anxious to greet Me and he also came to Me walking on the water, but when he saw the stormy seas, he became fearful and started sinking into the water. At that point he called on Me to save him and I lifted him into the boat, and I quieted the seas. Once I was in the boat they truly admitted that I was the Son of God, as no mere man could walk on water and calm the seas. This was a faith experience for St. Peter as I asked him why did he falter in his faith because that is when he began sinking. So it is with My faithful when you are amidst troubles that seem impossible to overcome. Call on Me in faith and I will help you to resolve your problems, because nothing is impossible for Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have shown you circling things before in your visions to indicate that the message was in reference to the Warning. You were wondering what is different about today’s message. The Warning is a life review that everyone will have outside of time in My normal unchanging time. You will also be outside of your body. You will view all of your life’s actions both good and bad with an emphasis on your unforgiven sins and sins of omission. You can remember back about some of your life’s experiences. The difference in My Warning for you is that you will be viewing every action in a spiritual context of what was right or wrong, and you will have My judgment of it. There will be no doubt that you will know in your mind why any bad action was wrong. Then you will have to accept My judgment of your actions as to where you would go if you were to die just then. Once you realize where your actions are sending you, you could have a new outlook on life when you return to your body. Many will seek to go to Confession and be willing to be converted to faith in Me. My faithful will need to be ready to evangelize as many souls as you can quickly because soon people will forget that this has happened. My Warning is an outreach to all sinners and it is part of My Divine Mercy wish to save every soul possible. I realize some people after the Warning will still refuse to believe in Me, but you must still pray for them and evangelize them the best that you can.”