(Refuge preparations-food, water, flashlights; North-sweaters, coats, boots, blankets, and sacramentals) June 25, 2009:

At the Eternal Father prayer group at Holy Name Adoration I could see someone shining a flashlight at night. Jesus said: “My people, when you go out walking during the darkness of night, you need to use a flashlight to see your way. I have even asked you to have windup flashlights at My refuges so you do not need batteries or electricity. This image of light represents My showing you the way as I disperse the darkness. Even My angels will lead you with a sign of light so you can follow them to My refuges. You will see miracles upon miracles as I will protect My faithful at My refuges.”
September 22, 2007:
At our house after Communion I could see a large black plastic circular opening leading to a house in the middle of a severe winter blizzard. Jesus said: “My people, each season of the year has its own testings in severe weather. This large black tube leading to a house is a sign of the time of refuge in the winter time when it will be difficult to heat and keep warm. I have advised you to have extra food and extra fuels because you could find it difficult to get to the store and find fuel if you lose power. Be prepared for difficult weather this winter. This sign of a refuge and a severe winter is showing you how difficult it will be when you have to suffer through a winter during the tribulation time. Pray for My protection and My multiplication of your food and your fuel when you need it most. Remember also to have warm clothing and blankets for this time of cold weather. Have no fear of these trials because I will provide for your needs, but you will still have to suffer through this time.”