(Ready to live when ready to die; heaven vs. hell-choice for eternity) April 13, 2009

At St. John the Evangelist after Communion I could see Jesus in heaven and how He saw souls coming to Him at death. Jesus said: “My people, you know how the souls were released from the dead when I resurrected. The saints came to heaven, but there are still others in purgatory that have not yet been allowed to come to heaven. Every time a soul passes from this life, there is a particular judgment for that soul to hell, purgatory, or heaven. Because of My death on the cross, some souls are allowed directly into heaven if they have been purified in this life by suffering or a holy life. Those, who need purification, are sent to various levels of purgatory. By your good deeds, prayers, and leading a holy life, you can lay up treasure in heaven that will lessen your stay in purgatory. I want everyone to come to heaven and avoid hell, but this is dependent on the personal choices that you make on earth in this life. I give you an opportunity to have your sins forgiven any time that you can come to Confession. There is no excuse for not being prepared to die because this could happen to you at any time. By frequent Confession you can keep your soul pure and ready for your particular judgment. As you rejoice in this Easter Season, remember that saving your soul and the souls of others should be your primary concerns in this life.”