(Parents-responsible for children’s souls; prayer life) January 31, 2009

At Our Lady of Angels, Woodbridge, Va. after Communion I could see children being taught religion in a Bible class. Jesus said: “My people, today’s St. John Bosco took in orphan boys and trained them in the faith and with skills to work in society. Teaching children the faith is a noble job that you could do to try and develop a good prayer life, and teach them to know and love Me. You cannot force someone to learn their faith unless they seriously have a desire to make a commitment to Me. Teaching prayers may require memory work at first, but it also shows your children how to fall back on My help when they especially need My help in their daily troubles. In order to evangelize others in the faith, you need to nurture the gift of faith in each baptized person. By teaching the children the facts of their faith, then they could pass this on to the next generation. Being a devoted Christian comes from the heart and from developing a personal relationship with their Lord. Those, who make the effort to teach the faith to the children, will receive a reward in heaven for helping My little ones. You know how I love the little children, and those, who help them, will receive a special blessing.”