Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014: (Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, I am rejoicing in my Son, Jesus’ gifts of life to me, and my Immaculate Conception without sin. I was born to St. Anne and St. Joachim as my parents, and you read the genealogy of my Son, Jesus from Abraham’s time to St. Joseph. I love all of my children, as I was given by Jesus to be the Blessed Mother of mankind at the foot of the cross. I thank all of my children who are faithful to me in your devotions, your consecrations, and praying my rosaries. Many of you have my statues and pictures depicting my various places of apparitions. I have appeared to many people in apparitions and locutions. You recognize me in my soft, quiet voice to you. My children should be happy that heaven has allowed me to give you so many messages. I only hope that you take my words to heart, and share them with others in their conversions. Just as I lived in the Divine Will of God without sin, so I call on all of my children to strive to perfection in avoiding sin as much as you can. You can come to frequent Confession to keep your souls pure and ready to meet my Son, when you meet Him at your death or in the Warning. Wear my brown scapular for my mantle of protection, and pray my rosaries every day.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have warned My people to have extra food, and alternative sources of fuel for heating, especially in the winter. You have a kerosene burner and a wood burner for heat, if you lose your electricity. You also have fuel for each source. In a power outage you may want to have windup flashlights or some batteries for flashlights. You could have some lanterns with lamp oil and matches for light and a little heat. You may also want some sleeping blankets if your fire goes out. I am reminding you of these power outage preparations because the vision is a sign of a power outage coming in the winter. You may want to check your extra food and water supplies, as well as check that your burners are in working order. Have some extra fuels on hand for a few months. By being prepared, you could help your relatives and neighbors to get by on any extended power outages.”