Monday, September 8, 2008: (Birth of the Virgin Mary)

Jesus said: “My people, today you celebrate the birth of My Blessed Mother who is truly a pillar of My Church by her sinless conception and her choice to live without sin during her whole earthly life. My Church celebrates this feast nine months after the feast day of her Immaculate Conception. She also has been made ‘Blessed’, and she is your Mother by My declaration at the foot of My cross. Later, after she died, she was assumed into heaven and crowned as the Queen of heaven. Her mantle of protection is over all of her children as a good mother would do. Rejoice as she is an integral part of My plan for man’s salvation when I defeated sin and death, and opened up the gates of heaven. It was her individual fiat that answered St. Gabriel which enabled the Holy Spirit to bring Me on to the earth as a man. I also ask everyone for their own fiat to let Me work through their lives to fulfill My mission for them.”
Jesus said: “My people, greed in America has brought many problems to your mortgage, banking, and stock market industries. Pushing people into buying overpriced homes that they could not afford has caused a financial disaster in your credit markets. Your government has piled up mountains of trillions of dollars of debt by your deficit budgets paying for all of your made-up, useless wars. The one world plan is to take over your country in bankruptcy, and destroy your military in the process. The debts were not coming fast enough, so this credit debacle has also been manufactured so the government could take over the mortgage failures of their two backed home loan agencies. Now the deficits of your government can swell even further, but it is only a bailout of the banks and investment firms, and it does not help the home owner. With millions losing their homes, your deficit losses will rise faster than your war debts. Your government is also closing many banks with further losses from your bank guarantees by the taxpayer. At one time the debts of America will be so great that the central bankers will close your government calling it bankrupt. Then they will start a new takeover government which will have a new currency, the amero, and your country will become a part of the North American Union. This takeover is coming soon and it will be the steps before the one world people will put the Antichrist into power. Have no fear because I will bring My victory over him, but for a brief reign you will have to endure a brief tribulation of evil. Call on My help to protect you and provide for your needs. Going to My refuges will be your only place of protection, so thank Me for preparing these safe havens for you.”