Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012: (Labor Day, St. Gregory the Great)
Jesus said: “My people, you may be familiar with the communist celebration of May 1st every year, but Labor Day is also another reason for them to celebrate. You have been seeing movies and literature that are explaining a progressive or socialist movement in your country that is using these words to hide their communist goals of controlling America. The liberals or progressives have taken over your media and your schools to brainwash your children and the adults to follow their Marxist agenda. Atheism and the ridding of religion from your society is part of their plan, and this is the battle of those who believe in Me against those who do not. Satan is ultimately behind these evil plans, and he is directing the one world people to gain control of all nations under the Antichrist. The tribulation is the reign of this evil, but it will last less than 3 ½ years. The communists hide their true identity as progressives, but their goals are from Karl Marx. Socialism has communism as its goal. You can see signs of this grab for power in your President’s czars and Executive Orders. The liberal judges are defying the people’s laws to force voter identification so the socialists can illegally pad the vote for socialist candidates with people voting multiple times for dead people and people without proper identification. I have warned you that the central bankers can cause a bank holiday with a bankruptcy of your government. This could throw your country into chaos, and martial law could be declared that would negate your election and make your President into a dictator. This could trigger a revolution that your government has been preparing for by ordering massive amounts of ammunition. If you see such a bank holiday followed by chaos, then you will need to come to My refuges of protection from the evil ones. Trust in My angels who will make you invisible to your enemies.”

Jesus said: “My people, you saw a recent earthquake of about 7.6 off the coast of the Phillippines that caused a small tsunami. These large underwater earthquakes can cause tsunamis of a good size. In the Pacific Ocean there are many warning systems to alert people of any tsunami. Be alert that these events could happen at any time. After the devastation in Japan, many are concerned if another event could affect other nuclear reactors along the Pacific coast. Remember that I warned people to not live on the coastline to the oceans. The people in New Orleans are still suffering from Hurricane Isaac. Pray for your storm victims and be prepared for any more major disasters.”