Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010: (St. Vincent de Paul)
 Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading you saw how I allowed Satan to take away a lot of animals and even the children of Job. Even with these losses, Job did not get angry nor sin against God. At times you have problems with losing your possessions, but you can find a way to replace anything that is faulty. A time is coming when My people will have to leave their possessions behind them, and come to My refuges of protection. Living at a refuge may be without electrical devices, so it will be a much more rustic living without so much travel. You live a spoiled and comfortable life now, but a time is coming when you will not have so much entertainment, and you will have more time for prayer. Living at a refuge will be more like a monastic life, and it will make you like saints. You will see that by taking away your toys and comforts, that you really do not need them, and they distract you from your mission on earth to serve Me. Be grateful that you will be cleansed in preparation for heaven. You will be doing your purgatory on earth during the tribulation.”

Jesus said: “My people, America is losing the battle in its competition for world markets as manufacturers. There are so many factors in favor of the foreigners that America will be falling into third world class if there are not some changes made. Corporations have gone out of America for cheap labor, less environmental restraints, and less taxes. If the laws were changed to discourage the uneven playing field, then manufacturing could come back in America. Artificial currency controls and nearly slave labor has enabled China to take over many of your markets. America needs to reduce its trade deficit, reduce government deficits and overspending, and have reasonable taxes before it has a chance to survive. Cutting back on oil imports by using less oil, and buying less goods from overseas would also help your deficits. Even stopping your continuous wars would save your people billions of wasted dollars. America needs to get its spiritual house in order as well, as in stopping abortion and stopping the living together outside of marriage. Pray that your leaders start working for your people, instead of just making money for themselves.”