Monday, September 22, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a depression in the ground has a special meaning of how you should make Me the center of your life. You have heard St. John the Baptist’s words of how he must decrease while I must increase. So it is with your life that you are called to deny yourself and give Me your total commitment. You believe in Me and love Me, but if you are to be My followers, you must serve Me by following My ways instead of your ways. Even in today’s Gospel think of this Light as My Word that also needs to shine throughout the world. You cannot keep My Word and your faith to yourself because you must share your love and your faith with all the nations, even as I commanded My apostles to do this. Just as the light needs to be set high to spread light in the room, so you must lift up My Word as your Light of faith to be shared with everyone. Those, who work to evangelize others, will truly receive their reward in heaven for being instrumental in saving souls. Continue to shout My Words of praise and knowledge from the roof tops, and be My witnesses before mankind.”