Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012: (St. Robert Bellarmine)
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing many world events that are leading up to a financial disaster as well as a planned war in the Middle East. Either of these major events could trigger a martial law that could mean a takeover of America, and the loss of your freedoms. I have told you many times that I will bring My Warning experience before you would be forced to go to My refuges. The one world people have their plans for a takeover, but I am the One who will determine the time when I will allow this to happen. This is why I am again showing you a vivid picture of how the Warning will appear for everyone. You literally will be swept off your feet out of your body and outside of time as you will pass quickly through a tunnel until you see Me in the Light. You will all experience your illumination of conscience in a life review that will be similar to a dying person or a person with a near death experience. You will be focused on your unforgiven sins as you will remember them when you return to your body. I will warn you not to take a chip in the body and not to worship the Antichrist. You will be shown the place of your judgment and experience that place for a while in heaven, hell, or purgatory. Then you will be sent back into your body with a strong feeling to confess your sins. If you do not change your life, then your judgment will be the same. People will also be prepared to leave for My refuges when the events lead up to the coming of the Antichrist. Come to My refuges when I warn you, or you may have to suffer martyrdom. Trust in Me to protect your soul, and allow your guardian angels to lead you to My refuges. The battle for souls will intensify greatly, but never give up your faith in Me, even if you are faced with becoming a martyr. Those, who remain faithful to Me, will see their reward in My Era of Peace and later in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are dealing with the one world people who worship demons and superstitions. Just as older civilizations believed in various gods of mythology, so these people follow astrology as Hitler did. Many of their war plans are favoring the right alignment of the stars. You are seeing the Israeli leader speaking of months before Iran could have enough enriched uranium to make an atomic bomb. You are also seeing war games of many nations with multiple aircraft carriers and other ships planning a defense against Iran. Iran is planning a war games display. With so many ships in close proximity, any miscalculation could accidently start a war. In addition to a planned bank holiday, there is still a plan by the one world people to instigate a war with Iran. Such a war could quickly involve many nations that could trigger a world war. Israel has atomic weapons, and if they feel threatened, they would use them to preserve their country. Any use of nuclear weapons could trigger multiple bombs going off with a threat to mankind’s survival. Pray that such a war does not happen, and that nuclear weapons are not used.”