Monday, September 15, 2008: (Our Lady of Sorrows)

Jesus said: “My son, I have given you a heavy mission to bring My Word of the coming tribulation. You have bravely accepted to carry out all that I have asked you to do in recording daily messages, books, internet site, speaking engagements, and now two DVD projects. Many people wonder how you carry on with your work, but you know that I give you the graces and My peace to succeed in your tasks that I have given you. When you speak out for My saving souls and spread My Word, you know that the evil one will attack you more. So continue in all of your prayers, Masses, Confessions, and Adoration to have the spiritual strength to endure your temptations, and accomplish your mission. Give Me thanks that My angels and I have protected you from harm and spiritual attacks. You have done everything to be obedient to your superiors and to My Church which is most important. I thank you for all of your efforts in bringing My Word to My people, and you should call on your prayer group to pray for your mission as well. If more people would say yes to My call in helping souls, more souls could be saved.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing the plan to bankrupt your country played out in the last month or so. This vision of a wall with a mirror on both sides means that the one world people are manipulating your financial companies to achieve an end that is not obvious. Your latest crisis has been created the same way speculators pushed up your oil and gas prices, only this is in reverse. Monied people purposely are shorting these stocks to drive them toward bankruptcy. In some cases your Treasury Department is bailing out bad loans at the risk of losses to the taxpayer and your government deficits. If enough companies and banks go bankrupt, or are bailed out with deficit money by your government, then a crisis for your government will be created that will be solved by a takeover and the new ‘amero’ currency being issued. Once your country goes bankrupt or martial law is established, it will be time to call on Me and your angel to go to the nearest refuge. All the signs are leading up to a North American Union being formed, a new currency, and eventually mandatory chips in the body being forced on you. By going to My refuges, you can avoid these chips and have My protection. Refuse to take any chips in your body because they could then control your free will to make you into their robots. See all of these events that I have told you about are all falling into place whether you believed or not. Pray for My help during this coming crisis of evil in this tribulation time.