Monday, September 14, 2009: (The Exultation of the Cross)

Jesus said: “My people, My death on the cross was the whole purpose for My becoming a man and coming to earth so I could redeem My people from their sins. In My Gospels you hear My Words of how to live good Christian lives. My people crucified Me in their ignorance because they could not believe that the Son of God would take a human form and allow Himself to be killed. This is why they killed Me for being a blasphemer. Just as Moses lifted up the bronze serpent, so I was lifted up on the cross for your salvation. My death on the cross was My victory over sin and death, as I arose from the tomb three days later. I ask that My faithful put a large crucifix up on your altars so you can remember that I loved all of you so much that I was willing to give up My life for your salvation. I prefer My crucifix to My resurrected Body because it was My death that saved you.”