Monday, September 1, 2008: (Labor Day)

Jesus said: “My people, during a violent tornado, many run for cover in these underground bunkers so their lives would be protected from the high winds of a tornado. Just as you search for physical protection during a storm, so you should be seeking My help to deal with the daily storms of evil influence from the demons. When you call on Me and your guardian angel, we will be there for you in protecting you from temptations and even physical threats to your life. Many times your guardian angel and My Blessed Mother’s mantle protect you from physical harm. All of heaven is willing to come to your aid, but you must have faith to call on our help. Even when you put scapulars and blessed medals around your home, you can have protection from fire and storms. It is spiritually and physically comforting to know that you are under our protection. After you have been saved from a near disaster, you should also offer a prayer of thanksgiving for our interceding for you. There are many signs of our protection on your behalf, so continue to pray every day to keep united with your heavenly friends.”
Jesus said: “My people, when you are out in the world, you can see others and what they do, but it is hard to see how other people see you. When you look in a mirror, you can see your physical features, but others do not always know what you are thinking about. You should not live your life for show, when deep down you could even be thinking the opposite to get what you want out of people. Do not use people for your own purposes, or abuse them either verbally or physically. You could cause someone hardship or ruin their self-confidence. You can be a force for good in bringing souls to Me, just as you could cause evil in people with bad habits of swearing and hitting someone. Think of how others view your actions, and think more to give them good example at all times. Your actions are a reflection of who you are, and you will be judged on your actions and the intentions in your heart.”